Sunday, 7 August 2016

Feria de Los Flores (Flower Festival) - 7th August 2016

La Feria de los Flores is a traditional event for 10 days is held every year in the city of MedellinColombia .
This festival is the most emblematic celebration of the city, which constitutes a native roots, cultural and historical icon.
The carnival atmosphere during this festival in Medellin offers a wide variety of events and shows, not all directly related to the flowers, but all the revelry takes the general name of the 'Flower Festival' since they are the main part of the carnival.
The first Festival held in Medellin was on the 1st of May 1957. This celebration lasted five days and was naturally something incipient when compared with the brightness of the current fair. However, with booths at several sites in the city and private parties in the social clubs, Antioquia enjoyed the first carnival magic of flowers exposed to the public.
This was the start of the 'Silleteros' Parade, where originally 40 farmers participated in the village of Santa Elena.Over time, the fair was gaining strength to become the most important celebration of the city, which today enjoys much prestige abroad. The celebration, which initially took place in May, from 1968 started to be performed in August, commemorative month for Antioquia independence, and since then has not stopped, with seas of flowers of every variety of colour and scents. The streets of the city provide a celebration that no tourist should miss. 
Each year, thousands of people gather around this event, designed to remember, celebrate and perpetuate the values ​​of Antioquia . The festival has the intimacy of the Paisa culture, and celebrates the flowers and customs of  the whole of the region. 
Due to this event, the city of Medellin started to be called "City of Eternal Spring", for which it is still known today.
Below is a photographic record of the Silleteros Parade. The frames on which the flower displays are mounted can weigh up to 50 kg, and the route is many kilometers long. Imagine the pride and determination of the Silleteros to show their work and complete the walk.

The Flower Displays (100% Flowers)

The Peace


Where ever you look we are all equals
The Silleteros

The Dancers

The Military thorough the ages

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