Thursday, 7 July 2016

Jardin Botanico Medellin - 7th July 2016

The Joaquin Antonio Uribe Botanical Garden of Medellín, more simply known as the Botanical Garden of Medellín, is a 14-hectacre botanical garden in Medellín, Colombia. The botanical garden has more than 1,000 living species and 4,500 flowers. It has an important collection of orchids preserved in an architectural space called the "Orchidiarium".

Sculptures are hidden away among the trees.

This rail carriage used to work on the Medellin railroad, unfortunately the railroad no longer exists. The carriage has now been converted into a cafe

This Iguana has made the park his home, and wanders freely wherever he wants. He was captured here eating fruits that had fallen from a nearby tree.

The lake in the centre is home to a large group of turtles. Here we can see some taking a nice sun bath.


  1. Awesome blog David. Julie and I have decide we are jealous of you and Sylvia. We miss you guys.