Friday, 4 March 2016

Parque Arvi - March 2016

The Medellín Metro (Metro de Medellín) is a train system that crosses the Metropolitan Area of Medellín from North to South, and from the Centre to West. It first opened for service on 30 November 1995. This is one of the first experiences of modern mass transportation in Colombia and the only metro system in the country, the Medellín Metro is a product of the urban planning of the Antioquia department of Colombia. The Metro includes 2 metro lines, and 3 Cable Car lines, with 27 Metro stations and 7 Cable Car stations
The metro arriving at the station
The Cable Car system
Arví Park ("Ecotourism Park Arví") is both an ecological nature preserve and Pre-Hispanic archeological site on the eastern slopes of Aburrá Valley, in the northeast area of Medellín, Colombia. The park covers several municipalities of Antioquia, including EnvigadoBello, and Copacabana. It covers 16,000 hectares, 1,760 of which are in the state of natural forests, and it is equipped with 54 miles of walking trails. It is a major tourist attraction, known for its wildflowers, butterflies and trails. Activities include hiking, nature tours, cycling, and outdoor adventure sports. An outdoor food market is located next to the gondola station.

Welcome to Parque Arvi
Due to a local drought, the water level in the lake was 2 meters below normal
The beer car. Important with the temperatures in the mountains. (Do not want to dehydrate)
Alfandoque - Made from Panella (Raw Sugar Cane) and Gelatin from Cows hoofs. You eat this with a wooden stick.

Wildlife in the park (A small Selection)

Hummingbird - Difficult to capture a photo as they move so fast
Another Hummingbird


  1. Awesome! Going in Cable Cars should be great. And pretty good wildlife. Looking forward to more of your posts on Colombia and it's beauty :-)


  2. Great hummingbird shot. Find a sloth!!

  3. The way that you write is graet David....nice recounts and pictures. ,,,

  4. Beautiful photos and interesting - thank you for sharing!