Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Sonsón Antioquia Colombia - 22nd November 2017

A very special trip to Sonsón. Every year Silvia's family make collections, raffles etc in order to buy Christmas gifts for the poor children. This year we went with the family to Sonsón to help prepare and distribute the gifts.

Sonsón is a major agricultural zone in Colombia, with an altitude of 2,475 m (8,120 ft). Due to the altitude the climate is normally cold with an average day time temperature of 14 C and at night 11C. We were very fortunate as it was 23 C in the day and 19 C at night.

Our first hotel.


Rio Ariba - Stopped here for Chorizo and Arepas.

Sweet Corn 


Silvia and her aunties, Beatriz and Luz enjoying Rio Ariba

El Paramo


Inside our second hotel. It is like staying in a museum




Some of the Christmas Gifts for the poor children

We had over 2,000 gifts to distribute at 6 different locations

One of only 2 giant sequoia trees in Colombia

Sonsón still uses alternative forms of transport

Wall designed by the famous Colombian Artist - Pablo Jaramillo



A horse used to collect milk from the small farms in the area.


Field full of onions

Entrance to the Cemetary



 The Cathedral

Sonsón is a major corn grower, and displays can be seen all over the town

This home is now a museum dedicated to past citizens of Sonsón

In the museum you can see the doctors bag that belonged to Silvia's Grandfather who lived in Sonsón

Corn hung to dry to make flour.




Preparing to load the gifts for distribution

We used a 'Chiva' to transport the gifts to the remote mountains

Silvia on the Chiva

Coffee growers farm house

Three waterfalls visible on the journey to the mountains

We arrived at our first destination, and already people were starting to gather.

Later many more people arrived. For many of the children, the gifts will be the only ones they receive for Christmas

We spent many hours the night before preparing sandwiches, biscuits and drinks for everyone

New shoes donated by Silvia's Auntie as gifts for the mothers

 As you can see this area is very remote


One of the children receiving her gifts

This boy was extremely happy with his gifts.

A group of girls admiring their gifts


A you can see, this event was very emotional, not only for the families but for ourselves as well

Silvia giving a gift to a very happy little boy

His happiness with his gift was there for all to see. He played with this horse for hours

In the evening we went to a bar called 'La Jonda'. The following pictures are from the bar.




Perparing the gifts for another event.

Children waiting for the distribution of the gifts

A family receiving their gifts

A boy receives his hobby horse

A group of happy children

We also distributed gifts to older people who were identified as poorer members of the community

The gifts included a food box, blanket, slippers and other small items

 Another very emotional time for everyone


The joy on the face of this lady is evident. She recently achieved her 91st birthday.


Gifts for another event

More shoes for the mothers